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Mobile Billboards, Las Vegas

Creativity, quality and innovation.

A direct and massive advertising medium.

Mobile Billboards are a terrestrial medium aimed at the target; Achieve a repetitive and continuous audio-visual impact. Mobile Billboards are mainly used for openings, reopenings, seasonal promotions, night sales, product launches, social and cultural events, recruitment of staff, brand activations and others.
Mobile billboards are a direct and massive medium in advertising.
Creativity, quality and innovation in our Mobile billboards Explo.
  • Audio.
  • Thematic and Lighting.
  • Photographic Witnesses.
  • GPS.
  • Model Trucks – 2017
Trucks advertising for all Las Vegas.
Mobile Billboards  

BTL – Brand Activations

Dynamics friendly, creative, easy and challenging.

Branding Activations within the marketing plan allows interaction with the customer to be creative, innovative and above all personal that allows a smart and captivating promotion.

Graphic Design

Know what to communicate and find a way to communicate it.

Outdoor advertising

Products, services and ideas for a massive target.

Large format printing

Impact your ideas with the highest quality.

Canvas, Vinyl, Illuminated signs, Large format printing, lined, brochures, flyers, etc …

Online Marketing

Virtualize the experience of a good product.

Google Adwords, Google AdSense, Youtube Ads, Twitter Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads and more …

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Interacting with the public will be difficult when there are uncreative or deficient dynamics; Because the viewer has become more cautious in coexisting with a brand, entry, feel that will have to pay for it. The solution is to make advertising advertising friendly, creative, easy, which in turn represent a challenge and when this challenge is overcome, only until then, will be allowed to use the brand, ie begin to consume it.

The use of hostesses and go’s in advertising activations is fundamental, since it is the channel of communication person to person, to transmit the message of the mark to the spectator. The proper selection of the personnel profile with respect to the target, guarantees to communicate the status that the brand has and facilitates the interaction with the users. The total knowledge of the product or service being promoted is difficult to achieve if the activation staff lacks pre-event training. Attitude to serve and pro-activity in the execution, are factors that must be taken care of when choosing the hostesses and go’s that will carry the mark.

Design and production of ideas

A stand will have many variations in colors and shapes. Going beyond the conventional is something that few brands achieve by giving the same weight to the functionality and image that the target demands vs. what the advertiser has in mind. The design of the booth should be intelligent in order to achieve a proper interaction with the viewer and not just a branding presence.

Materials for brand activation

Drones, games, inflatables, customs, uniforms, promotional, POP, systems in interactive kiosks, applications, dirigibles and everything you have in mind.

When it does not physically exist, it produces.


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